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Recent Vlogs:
How To Change Your Perspective And Deal With Society’s Pressures
Date: 11.2.19
Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t agree with a person’s opinion? Be aware of the fact that everybody has their own perception of viewing the world. Therefore, you should develop a...
Date: 2.2.19
Life is all about evolution. Those who do not grow and evolve, end up losing everything they have. Encouraging the embrace of individuality is just one of the many messages that we get from the lectures of Arash Zepar Dibazar. However, people often mistake individuality with being boundaryless or without a code. In this lecture, we get to understand...
Learn How To Embrace Your Individuality And Regain Control Of Your Life Today
Date: 31.1.19
Life is all about how you give value to its different elements. Whether it’s a person or a situation, everything requires you to have perspective with which you see to it and get . affected by it. The same thing happens in relationships. Each person that you meet with, inspires a different...
The Profound Meaning Of Gaining Power In Relationships
Date: 30.1.19
If you have a girlfriend, who thinks she is God suddenly. Then it’s about time you stepped up to regain power in your relationship. When she is going to change God's plan for you in any way.

If she starts to think that she is going to change God's plan for...
Peace Of Mind Is Contagious
Date: 15.1.19
When you're looking at a sunset, I recommend you all do, you will be in contact with a beauty of nature. Practice mindful breathing. Touch deeply the beauty that is before you. The sunset is lovely. Continue that way for a few minutes. Let me stop right here for that practice.

I am breathing in. What happiness! Do you know why this is important? Because when you give your mind a mantra like this one, it
Your Enemies Cannot Hurt You
Date: 14.1.19
There's me looking through my mind and telling you some things that only can be said to you. I know this because it's happening to me and I know from my experience. It's people who you don't want to hurt. Is there somebody you don't want to cut? I could be wrong about your life, but I'm not crazy about mine. The people who are intimate to you are the people whom you love...
Become An Expert In Relationships
Date: 13.1.19
Gentlemen, are you ready for this? This is you! So the one girl you like; and not the ones you don’t like makes you completely stupid! I want you to think about that for just a second. Okay, you're quite logical. You're quite capable. You're quite sharp at what you do, until you come across that one woman that triggers you emotionally, and then you're stupid as shit...
Who Are You When Other People Are Around?
Date: 12.1.19
I'm going to talk tonight about relationships. The relationship of the mind and communication. I believe that one can only know oneself in relation to others. Let me explain that again.

You can know yourself. But the moment you interact with another life-form, another part of you...
You Are Here: Discovering The Magic Of The Present Moment
Date: 11.1.19
Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen Buddhist monk. Chapter one (Book: You are here). I want to tell everybody this book got me through some of the darkest times of my life.

There's this much of the book left that I haven't read yet. So you're about to..
Learn To Deal With Your Nervousness
Date: 3.1.19
Let's get started. First and foremost, I have to start defining this because a lot of people ask me: “What does IMC stand for?” Well, IMC Academy stands for integrated martial arts concepts.

When I was 21 years old, I created IMC, that was 20 years ago in...
How Should You Study?
Date: 2.1.19
Knowledge is this thing that it doesn't matter what you look like, what color you have and what income you have. Knowledge is that thing that no matter how rich you are, no matter how poor you are, how tall or short, how good-looking, how many friends you have, where you were born, what was done to you, what you've done to others.

For knowledge none of that matters. It is just seeking a container...
How Committed Are You?
Date: 1.1.19
I want to talk to you about my favorite subject, relationships. Everything that I teach has some kind of martial arts at the end of it. Now many of you don't know me as a martial artist. I'm a professional in many different fields, but martial arts I've done the longest. I've been doing it for 30 years, that’s a very long time to commit yourself to something.
Now I'm older, slower and more broken than before, but the claws and the teeth are still there. Everything I learned, I was able to apply into...
a guide to happiness
Date: 31.12.18
I want to talk to you about something that is so vital. All of us want to be happy. Another way of saying happy is feeling good. We want to feel good. We don't want to feel bad. I mean that's as simple as it gets.

So here's my question to you. Are you familiar with how to run the internal process to make yourself feel good? Or is it really up to chance like today? Tonight I'm going to hit a few different locations...
How Do You Relate To Other People?
Date: 30.12.18
We're going to get started talking about one of my favorite favorite subject which is relationships. The reason why I like relationships is because everybody when they're by themselves can be super dope, until you come in contact with another human that pisses you off. Then there goes out the window all that shit.
Communication Is My Sword And My Shield
Date: 29.12.18
I'm 41 as I've doing martial arts for 30 years. So I've been teaching martial arts for 27 years or so okay about three years into training and I started teaching. So I would take men and women who didn't have much confidence, they were bullied or wanted to get in shape...
The Art Of Peace
Date: 28.12.18
Today's book was a last-minute pick as I looked over there and I saw it. It's called “The Art of Peace”. However, it's written by a samurai. His name was Morihei Ueshiba, I have a tattoo on my arm that says Ueshiba. He became known as o Sensei, which means the great teacher.

He was the founder of Aikido and I have been fascinated by O Sensei because when I was studying the martial arts, I was one hundred percent...
How To Strengthen Your Positivity
Date: 27.12.18
You know, I'm inspired to speak to you tonight because my day has been nothing but shit. I had one of those days that if someone says, how is your day, I’d say “pretty much shit really” “Why?” “Oh, well I'll tell you exactly why: Miscommunication.
Miscommunication from the entire world to myself which makes me think it must be me. I must be the bad communicator, if everyone's bad communicating. It's like if you think everyone is a...
False Ideas About Relationships
Date: 26.12.18
I'm going to release a product called sweet Venom sweet venom has to do with picking up the most beautiful women in the world. Sweet venom has to do with when you're out in a social environment to stay in your rhythm and not allow the environment to break your rhythm or change it. Sweet venom has to do with taking control of every single individual in the group, socially in such a subtle way, that it would be like a sweet poison seeping into their system...
How Does Your Communication Sound?
Date: 25.12.18
This is me, hours of myself being out in what we call “in field”, which is out there in the world, in the streets. Really, what I do is I walk the streets, then in clubs, in bars and in a hotels and you get to hear me interact with the world, normally very beautiful woman. You get to hear me seduce them live. The people that were there, were...
What Do They Desire The Most?
Date: 24.12.18
I'm going to go over the idea that if you want to seduce someone, think of a woman or man you want, you don’t seduce them once, you should seduce them forever. So think about somebody right now, I'm gonna give you some advice on how to get them and make them fall in love with you. You know my dogs, they have their favorite treats. Everybody who has a dog knows they have a favorite treat where you just know they will salivate, right? I want to think about that as a person right now. Do you...
the art of invisible seduction
Date: 23.12.18
I don't think you're a human. I don't consider you as a human. I have no doubt that you're trapped inside of the human experience, and you try to make sense out of it. But you can't be confused any longer about your own identity. We are Spirits. We are Consciousness that can take on any shape and form. If you have a dog, then it's conscious. It's an aware creature. It has a soul. If you look into the eyes of a dog, you will see a soul...
The Concept Of Challenge And Opportunity
Date: 22.12.18
An interesting realization is that I've noticed the two layers to deal with. Concepts of opportunity and crisis. The bottom layer is going to be you generating your opportunities. If a person hustles, that will make some changes. If a person starts to neglect their affairs and neglect themselves, that person is going to create challenges and crisis...
you are the hero of your story
Date: 21.12.18
The greatest story is being told to you today. This story is so fascinating that you will get entirely wrapped up in it once I tell you what it is. It is not the story of Jesus. It's not the story of the sun god that transformed into Jesus and everybody else.

The greatest story that had ever been told is the story of your name. Because everything that's happening is happening to you, isn't it? Even me doing
what are men and women looking for?
Date: 20.12.18
My favorite subject is Seduction. It is Male and female Dynamic. I find it so fascinating. As a woman, think about a product you want to sell. Imagine that you were 10 times sexier than you are today. Tell me if you think your income would come up? Yes or no? Well, the answer is yes.
In fact, if you want to try it the other way around, imagine you were...
be specific in persuasion
Date: 18.12.18
Now you have to tailor-make your language, your look, your environment, and everything about you has to be tailor-made for the person that you want to seduce. 
Now we actually get this from the greatest seducer that ever lived - that’s besides me - but she was I and I was her at some point; and that's Cleopatra. Cleopatra was famous for this. The way she seduced Caesar. She knew that Caesar was really very much into...
Control The Perception Of Value
Date: 16.12.18
The law is you don't need to control the value of something. You don't need to control how much anything costs. What you need to do is to control not the amount of something, but the perception of the value.
I'm asked all the time about how I control value. You don't need to do that if you know what I know. You only need to control the perception.
So, how am I going to go from where I am now to the top the world? You're going to wait and see what I'm going to be like...
Date: 15.12.18
Manu told me once “You have to do your art every day.” The reason most of you are coming to me is that I'm very good with women. So I have to deal with women every day. We all want inner peace in our lives. We want to be happy. We want to feel good, and we think that we need the external circumstances to be a sure way to make us feel good and comfortable. Since this is a leadership course we're doing, I’m here to present something different to you...
are you a leader?
Date: 14.12.18
Leadership is a subject that I've worked with my whole life. I find myself in this position all the time, but leading women is a bit different. You could easily lead women in the workplace, or in a skydiving session. But leading women in life, when it comes to relationships, is straightforward. You are driving chaotic energy by defining a female. So when you point women, it's not a one-time action. It's continuous. The moment you stop pushing, your world will start to go in turmoil...
What Does A Person Fall In Love With?
Date: 13.12.18
One of those subjects that I’m interested in is Social Dynamics. The interplay of energies between man and woman. When it comes to a romantic relationship, it is defined as giving a mind, heart, and body to the other person. It is an intimate romantic relationship that I am interested in having...
Arash Zepar Dibazar Infield Report
Date: 12.12.18
Here we go. Tonight, I have a guest because he's a coach himself in Bay Area. He's a life coach but not that he's been a student of mine for a while but now that he also helps out the community in San Jose, which when I found out, I really respected and not only that. He's a philosopher to some degree. I think everybody's a philosopher to some degree. Some are...
can you see their pain?
Date: 11.12.18
You know what I do struggle with. I struggle with the fact that when I look at human beings, and they start talking, I can feel their pain. And I don't know how to make that go away inside of me. I don't know how to make it go away inside of people as well. That is taking a tremendous amount of effort in life. My energy every day is spent trying to understand this enormous amount of pain that I see in others when they try to lie and hide the fact, that...
the most critical thing in your life!
Date: 10.12.18
Relationships are the most critical thing in our lives. Have you ever been in a relationship and there was an argument or a fight? You couldn't eat or sleep. Have you ever experienced when you're feeling down? When you have no energy, and then you fall in love with somebody. Have you noticed that suddenly everyone's looking at you? So you...
what if they were wrong?
Date: 9.12.18
Men are gross. Men are nasty. They really are. I'm one of them. Any man who does not admit to the fact, that if his thoughts were broadcasted outward into the universe about women he would die of shame, is a liar. Every man walks around with an excellent idea of what he really thinks when women are around. It's just our nature. So it is like you are trying to change a life. You must approach me as a man in a relationship.

Let’s just stay with the flow. So unless you try to change nature, then...
what if they were wrong?
Date: 5.12.18
What if they were wrong? What if they didn't know? What if they were ignorant pretending to know? What if they did whatever they could to control you? What if they lied? But if they did everything they could to manipulate you and to control you, what was their agenda? What if that was their agenda? Why were they so ignorant? But they pretended that they knew, and there was a bunch of ignorant ones. They bond together, and they act as if they had the knowledge and they push it down your head...
never forget the land you came from
Date: 1.12.18
I grew up with anxiety every single day at a very high level. When people see me they say “he's very confident.” Well, I’m more confident than you could probably even imagine. I’m decidedly more than sure. So I can say weird things. But I had so much anxiety because I was taken from my land...
Understand Your Target
Date: 28.11.18
I'm going to follow this process of trying to figure out Rush and Order. I will try to figure you out and understand your mindset. I feel that I have to go back in time. And then figure out what it is that you learned and how you learned it. It’s about learning the art of social dynamics, but to really understand it, you have to study from Manu, and Manu is not around anymore. However, the mystery is still around him, and I'm very interested...
Use Language That Creates An Impact
Date: 27.11.18
You text somebody and ask them how they are doing. He would say he is incredible, tremendous or doing so good. Then you wonder in your mind if they are really that good. People have their safer card. They make you believe that they are great while they may not be. They do this just to get rid of having a conversation with you. I sometimes do this. I do say these things just to get rid of people. But, if I'm talking to a woman, it doesn't sound like that. And you need to learn how to speak to women...
The Importance Of Relationships
Date: 25.11.18
The first thing we must recognize is that one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life in whom you decide to call your mate. You're about to take a woman or man, and you will say “I'm going to be with you from now on and I'm going to invest my life in you. I hope you don't hurt me.” Your chances to succeed are almost zero, but you’re willing to give it a try. And you’re going to trust each other. You will introduce your partner to your friends and family...
The quest for spirituality
Date: 24.11.18
The spiritual journey is the search for the source. Where have we come from? What is the source of this life? All the major religions of the world move people towards this search for the cause. But in the process, many have gotten stuck in their positions.

Unfortunately, the so-called spiritual journey has divided human beings and has torn societies apart....
the law of rhythm in social dynamics
Date: 14.11.18
There is nobody on this planet that can demonstrate my skills when it comes to social dynamics. Especially when dealing with beautiful women. However, it's a lot more than that. I continue to gather around me more and more people of power and confidence. I go out, and I meet beautiful women and men too.
There's a law of alchemy called The Law of Rhythm. When women talk to you, understand that they are the perfect manifestation of...
how to be an alpha without apology
Date: 13.11.18
Being 41 years old, I get a lot more women in my life. Whether being older than me or younger than me. As men, we tend to be worried about what women are concerned about. 
I will teach you the power of an archetype. Archetypes won't affect you in any way socially or you weaker. In fact, they can make you stronger. If a woman is beautiful, she is very clear on her archetype, and this is very important... 
How to measure the quality of life
Date: 8.11.18
Listen to me because I'm about to change your life. What happened is that I was on a podcast with the legendary Vince Kelvin VK. He then asked me how do I do well with women? He wondered about how he could get the hottest, white girl. I asked him if he thinks his accent allows him to get a woman like that or not? He said: “Well, I thought my accent was no problem.”
I told him that he needs coaching because...
Follow Your Passion And Elevate The Success
Date: 7.11.18
I assume that any one of the main things that people are interested in is the dynamic of men and women. I find that extremely valuable to have some answers in this field. And when it comes to the way I'm doing it, I am a Pioneer. I'm doing something that nobody else is doing right now. There could be different pioneers in the same field, as there are, but in what I'm doing no one's done it before and nobody can do it. I'm trying to work out the steps for everybody. The levels are laid out for you...
Male And Female Energy In Relationships
Date: 5.11.18
When it comes to the romantic relationship, it is defined as devoting mind, heart, and body to the other person. It is an intimate romantic relationship that I am interested in having. I have a lot of those, and I teach people how to get them because understanding how to interact with the opposite sex is your challenge in life. How do you navigate this world and be successful at doing that?
How To Accept Yourself And Love Yourself
Date: 2.11.18
First, we have to begin by having a little respect for ourselves. I learned some time back, as I was studying philosophy, that there was a problem. If you ever hear that humans or mankind are greedy, you have to know that it's getting crazy. Why is it a problem to listen to those words? Because I am one of mankind. And also I'm a human. Whom am I talking about? That's disrespectful to myself when I say that...
Understanding Other People's Perspective In Life
Date: 1.11.18
Once I decide I'm going to get somewhere, then, I know I'm going to get there. Why? Because I'll do whatever it takes to get there. Now, that statement has a little asterisk in the bottom like a contract. But what I'm doing is signing a deal with myself. You have got to sign contracts with yourselves just to make sure you keep your word. If you don't do that, there's...
Tips for dealing with haters
Date: 31.10.18
We're going to talk about one of my least favorite subjects, haters. I don't like haters. And I'm one of the first people to say that. When I first came onto the world scene, it was on Facebook originally and YouTube.

It was during that time where people, for whatever reason though, they could go to somebody else's Facebook and write all kinds of things on and get away with it.Here is this idea. Don't write something if you don't want to drop someone and say something about it now...
How To Deal With Toxic People
Date: 18.7.18
Toxicity, it is something being toxic, something that is unhealthy, something that poisons the system. What do we do about it? I'm going to go over some things I do about it because in my life, I deal with a lot of toxic people.
The first thing I want to tell you is something that I learned from L Ron Hubbard, the guy who created Scientology. One of the things I learned from him is... 
Understanding Men And Women
Date: 13.6.18
We are dealing with the subject of male-female constantly. If you're a woman, sometimes you feel miserable. You think that you can't seem to be happy. That's just the bottom line no matter what a woman says. This is temporary. It's in a day or less. If you're a man, you're what the word is called “Exasperated.”

It means you're so frustrated with it. You don’t understand it. You feel frustrated because...
Self Pity
Date: 21.6.17
Self-pity is such an ugly thing. One thing I don't want is pity. I don't understand why some people seek it, maybe because they're just weak.
One thing I always tell the people closest to me is, "One day, I'm going to die. And when that day comes, you need to know something about me. If you're not there, then realize that a moment will probably come when I know I'm dying. When the fear hits for a moment, I promise you on my life that the next moment, I will be completely fearless, and I will face it with... 
Characteristics Of True Men And Women
Date: 18.7.18
First and foremost, I'm 41 years old right now and I've been on this journey of understanding communication, spirituality, life, and my mind. I've been trying to figure out what the fuck is going on just like you have. 
I'm sure if you're watching me, you've been sitting around going like, "What the fuck is going on here?" At 20 years old, I completely quit school. Now, I'm 41. So think about it, 21 years ago...
A Powerful Mind Exercise for dealing with Rejection
Date: 19.10.15
One of the highest paying professions is sales and one of the reasons is this: When you’re in sales, you’re going to have to deal with rejection. You have to present your ideas and persuade others and many people will say no. The fear of rejection is something, that’s genetically within us.
In my studies of social dynamics, relationships and the mating rituals of mankind, I can guarantee you, that rejection and the fear of it...
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