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Dive deep into the world of persuasion and obtain the keys to unlock the doors to the conscious and subconscious mind.
A 5+ Hour course on how to affect people’s emotions and alter the way they perceive you.
"Where you are in life is a testimony to the level of skills you have in the art of social dynamics"
- Arash Zepar Dibazar
The Most Important subject In your life
For Those Who Want To follow proven principles To Create lasting relationships
“True intimacy requires honesty and a deep knowledge of the other person’s world.“ Arash Zepar Dibazar
Arash Zepar Dibazar is back with a brand new product, that will bring you the latest insights on one of the most important topics in life: Relationships
Game Or Die
Arash chose the title “Game Or Die“ due to the significance this subject has in our life and the effects it can have on us, if we happen to fail to understand it.

Now I understand that each and every relationship is unique and there can never be an exact script on how to have a relationship, but let me ask you:
  • ​How important is trust for you in a relationship?
  • ​How important is comfort in a relationship?
  • ​What can you do to keep the attraction up?
  • ​What good would a relationship be, without communication?
Exactly, all of these are pillars, that are necessary for a fulfilling relationship.

Perhaps you have been in a longterm relationship and if not, perhaps you know someone who was and all of a sudden the relationship ended. Let me ask you:
What effects did this have on the people involved?
Some might have been able to recover after a short period of time, but what about those who suffer greatly from this loss?


Some of the men and women, who messaged us are exactly in this position. They can’t eat, they can’t get out of bed or go to work, nothing seems to excite them anymore, their whole life stops. Why?
Because they were unable to communicate properly or failed to understand the other person’s communication.
For that reason, the product is called “Game Or Die“. Either learn the principles to create relationships or live on guessing on this topic, until the consequences will be knocking on your door one day…
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are you really communicating?
Just because you’re talking, you’re not necessarily communicating. Just because you’re hearing words, you’re not necessarily listening and just because you are saying words back, you are not necessarily replying to the other person.

There are much much deeper levels of communication than this. Why do I know this to be true? Well, if there weren’t, wouldn’t we all live a happier life?

Communication can be compared to planting seeds and ripping fruits!
but what does it really mean to listen and communicate? why is it, that a lot of times you are saying something but for some reason people are either not getting your point or if they do get it, they don't follow your advice...
the answer is simple... you're only talking to the Conscious mind and not the subconscious
The new discoveries in the field of persuasion
When we take a closer look at the human body, we'll find it to be like a self functioning machine, that if left to it’s own devices, will fight and spread it's genes and eat. Basically fulfill all the tasks to survive.

In order for this machine to succeed in the game of life, it uses emotions triggered by the environment to let it know what’s safe and what’s not, what brings it pleasure and what brings it pain.

So on closer inspection, there is minimum conscious thought to so many of the bodily reactions we have.
We’re under the illusion of a tremendous amount of control, with the unwillingness to look at the reality of how much of your thoughts, emotions and ideas we do not control on a daily basis.
This is all very important in persuasion.

So the new discoveries in the field of seduction and persuasion have to do with ways of speaking, ways of being and ways of presenting yourself.

Even with the way you look, the sound of your voice, your gestures, your rhythm when you speak, how you move your body, you can present yourself in a way to trigger in other people certain emotions you want. You can play with other people’s emotions.

You can get to a position to say: If I use this kind of sound and gesture, I will trigger this effect in the other person.

But how do we know, that universally we'll get the same result...?
Simple... because there is a universal language every human understands!
See, there is no where in this entire world where someone gets happy and doesn't smile and laugh. Every single baby smiles and laughs without being taught how to do so. That means there is a universal language we can learn. There may be english, german, french and so on, but in all those countries babys will laugh, giggle and smile when they're happy and when they're sad 
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    50% Off For First 7 Days!
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game or die covers a wide range of topics, all specifically chosen to turn this incredible product into your A - Z handbook for relationships
some of the topics you'll learn about are
Lesson #1:

How to effect the conscious and subconscious mind

We're constantly communicating through our body language, tonality, the way we look and relate to the people around us. Are you aware of the signals you're giving out on a subtle level?
Lesson #2:

How to adapt to your new life filled with success and abundance

Are you preventing your own success? It might sound irrational, but yes, for some this is really the case.

A lot of times people manage to improve their condition in life be it in the area of finances, health or relationships, but they fall into the mistake of still carrying themselves as they used to be before they achieved their goal. This will cause them to self sabotage their own success.

Learn how to avoid falling into this traps, what signals to look out for and how to prevent them proactively.
Lesson #3:

How these principles look like when applied correctly

Now I can understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get an idea on how the end result should look like when there is no reference available. So because of that Arash decided to break down what happened in one of the nights he went out.

He goes over the types of women you normally see, how to act when she flakes on you, the best reply to another person ignoring you, be it in person or via text and many more topics.
Lesson #4:

How to get close to your target, create interest and stay high value

You may have heard the statement: attraction is not a choice. If you’re attracted to someone, you don’t have a choice on whether you’ll love them or not. Your system just kicks in and you react to the feeling that comes up and drives you towards that person.

That’s how you know it’s not a conscious decision.

But what are the triggers to get this system started? This is what Arash Zepar Dibazar will teach in lecture four: The Science Of Mating
these and many more lessons and insights await you in "game or die"!
But before we end this, let me tell you: The solution is NOT in getting a temporary high or being motivated for a moment. The solution is in:
Learning the MOST IMPORTANT skills you need to succeed in life and overcoming the obstacles you'll encounter on your way to success
Yes, it'll take a lot of effort, but it's better to invest effort into a proven system then to walk in the dark on your own without a solid roadmap.

So let's get started, click the button below and unlock 5+ hours of content instantly!
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