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Dive Deep into the world of a master of persuasion 
and discover his exact process on how to alter 
the way you are perceived
To all masters of communication and those aspiring to be. 

Many have been asking for this since day 1. 

Now Arash Zepar Dibazar has started his AZD Mastermind Mentorship. 

A direct student to teacher program, that surpasses everything he has released so far. 

No course, no program and no event comes close to the magnificent results Mentorship will bring you.

If you have been studying Arash’s teachings, be it for years, months or even less, let me ask you 2 simple questions:
  •  How often did you learn a powerful teaching, but didn’t know how to implement it?
  •  How often did you try to apply a teaching, but weren’t sure if what you did was right or wrong?
What Differentiates Someone Who Gets Results From Someone Who Doesn’t?
The answer will sound simple, but most don’t consider it. It is not a single information you have to find, even though many think that way. It is not a specific product you have to watch, even though many have this belief.

The one thing, that differentiates success from failure is consistency and uncompromising dedication to apply what you have learned. Now if you got upset after reading this answer, because it was not the “magical solution” you were looking for, then I have news for you: It has never existed, it doesn’t exist now and it will never exist. Period!

If you are looking for this magical solution, then you are not fit for Mentorship.

The Mentorship program is for the elite, for the dedicated and for the 1%, that are determined to improve their condition, determined to make a change in their life and determined to getting results. Results in what area, you might ask.

Results in any area, that requires a high level understanding of communication, persuasion and the mind. These are the topics, that define the quality of your life.
How Will They Affect Your Life?
Take a look at these points and see if they’re true for you:

  •   The last time you got depressed, was because you did not know how to change your negative thoughts into positive once.
  •    The last time you got into a fight with someone, was because you did not know how to resolve the issue through communication.
  •  You will not get the job you want until you understand what your employer needs.
  •  No woman or man will get into a relationship with you, if you fail to communicate your value, no matter how high it might be.
These are the things, that most people ascribe to a successful life. Why do some have it and others don’t? Earlier we said, that effort is what differentiates success from failure. but how come some of you have been studying for weeks, months and even years, yet others who invested less, are getting better results?

The answer is simple: They had a more accurate understanding of the little they knew. To be clear, it takes one teaching correctly applied to completely change your life. But how will you know the extent of one teaching? How are you trying to find the correct application of one teaching. Let’s stick with only one teaching for now.
Watch the video below and get a better idea on what Arash had to go through, to earn the position he is at right now and he is still earning it every day!
Do You Really Want To Do It On Your Own?
Do you really want to risk your precious years to find the solution to your problem? Are you really considering to do it all on your own? 

You can definitely give it a try, some of you might have done so already. You can definitely get results, and you might not as well. 

But the facts are still the facts: A teacher, a mentor, someone who has already walked the path you’re on, someone who knows the pitfalls and how to proactively avoid them cannot be replaced by anything else. 

It is impossible to find a better resource. Take a look at anyone, who ever made it. They will all confirm this. Or wait for reality to kick in and demonstrate this teaching to you directly.
You Don’t Have To Go Through This
But see, to avoid this from happening, Arash has started his AZD Mastermind Mentorship program, to save you unnecessary failures, frustration and the possibility of abandoning your goals and dreams.
What Will Mentorship Do For Me:
Direct Coaching From Arash Via Texting

The first benefit and advantage you will have is the chance to message Arash directly through your phone. It won’t be through a 3rd person forwarding the message and don’t worry about receiving an automated reply, neither is the case. Once you make this decision and register for the program, you immediately receive the contact credentials to message Arash directly. Now what does this mean to you?

That’s very simple. It means you can ask him about that obstacle you’re facing and that’s preventing you from getting the result you want. It means you can ask him about this one objection this man, this woman or this client is giving you. You learned a teaching, but don’t know how to implement it? No problem, message Arash and he will get back to you within less then 24 hours.

However let me tell you, that the quality of answer you receive will be defined by the quality of question you ask. Low level questions like: How do I approach a man, a woman or a client - which many of you online are asking, will receive low quality answers.

High quality questions like: I applied this teaching and ended up with this situation - will give you the exact answers you need to reach that next level you’re going for. The results will speak for themselves. 

This service in itself was never provided by Arash. It is the first time he offers it and it itself is worth the investment. The replies will be fast, they will be tailored to what you need and they will be the answers you’re missing right now.
To Change The Negative Habits You Currently Have, You Need To Expose Your Mind To Much More:
  •   Empowering content
  •   Freeing ideas and principles
  •   Elevating communication
To ensure this is happening, you will get a 400$ coupon for our website, so you can pick any product you want. If you’re unsure which product is the best for you, we will glad you suggest the best product for you.

On top of that you will get a 50% disocunt on any product (except Diamond Mind), or event, that will come in the future. This option is nowhere else available.
Inner Circle Live Lectures
At least once a week Arash gives a live lecture for his Mentorship students. How are those different from the Diamond Mind live lectures some might ask. Well, how many lectures do you recall, in which Arash brough women live on the lecture to demonstrate how his teachings look like, when applied correctly?

Due to the number of students being less, each student will also get much more attention. This ensures, that you are fully understanding the teaching and know how to accomplish the task you’re given!

On these live lectures Arash won’t deliver information only. He will give you insight into specific parts of his life, that he normally doesn’t reveal. It is only for his highest level students.

The recording will be delivered to you afterwards.
Here’s What Mentorship Will Help You With
1. Your understanding of what attracts men and women
By attending the live lectures and talking to Arash you’ll be able to find out the exact areas you have to improve and how to do so, to become much more attractive for men and women
2. How to have a successful relationship
You’ll get the chance to say which specific problems you have and learn the steps Arash took to keep his relationship with his five girlfriends strong and passionate.
3. Improving Your Persuasion Skills
You’ll learn language patterns and techniques about the mind, that’ll allow you to completely alter how another person perceives you
4. Changing negative thoughts into positive ones
Most people don’t achieve their goals because of negative thoughts and ideas, that prevent them from going forward. Everyone has his reason why it doesn’t work. In Mentorship you will get the chance to let Arash help you break free from these obstacles.
5. Your financial condition
Arash will share with the steps he took to become a millionaire and how you can implement them into your life.
Mentorship Has Everything You Need To Achieve Success
To ensure you have LONG TERM success, you will receive personal coaching on multiple levels
 Live Lectures:
At least three times a week Arash holds a live lecture with his inner circle of students to share his highest level of teachings and recent discoveries with them.
If you can't make it live, you can rewatch the recording of the lecture. Currently, the Mentorship program has a vault of over 7 months of full lectures. It's your own Netflix for self-development and personal evolution.
Are You Ready?
By now you should have a better idea of what awaits you in the Mentorship program. This is the most unique program Arash has released so far and it will bring you the biggest changes.
However let me tell you once again:

If you are looking for a magical cure, if you are not willing to put in the effort and dedication, then you are definitely not fit for Mentorship.
But if you’re willing to invest time, energy and effort into this, if you’re making it a priority, then let’s go. Join the program and let Arash Zepar Dibazar coach you on the 3 most important topics in the world:
  •   Persuasion
  •   Relationships
  •   Mindset
Commit To Your Success Now
Click the button below, register for the mentorship program and unlock all of these incredible benefits

It’s time to begin your journey!
It's A Decision You Have To Make
Now if you’ve gone through the entire page, thumbs up, I don’t think you’d that if you’re not at least considering to join the AZD Mastermind Mentorship program. At this point you might say: “The program is definitely what I need, I’m ready to join.

If not, then you can still keep watching videos, you will definitely be better then someone, who is not putting any effort at all into this area of his life. But trust me, I’m genuine, when I say: You can either register for the program and exchange money for coaching from the #1 dating coach and relationship guru in the world or you can keep the money, and try to make it on your own. There will be always other students, who are willing to pay.

But if you are willing to commit, if you are willing to make the effort and really dedicated to master the game of life, then don’t waiste any more time. Register for the program, it won’t be easy, I tell you, but nothing of true value is easy to achieve.
May you never be the same again!

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