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There’s an ancient civilization that you certainly have heard about before. It’s mentioned in history books, geography, fiction and non-fiction novels, and even the Bible itself.

That civilization is Persia.

Back in the day, the Persians were known not only for being a global superpower but also for their mastery of the mystic arts. Even the Gospels describe the Persians as being one of the first people to recognize the inherent power of Christ, calling them “the wise men” and recording their unusual visit through the practice of watching the stars.

Today, the mystic arts are all but lost, but there’s still one word that has been passed through the generations, preserved for our modern use.

That word is Sohbat.
Sohbat is a Farsi term that means “fellowship” or “deep conversation.” Both of those definitions are synonyms, because you can’t have a fellowship with anyone unless you first learn how to communicate with them on a deep level.

By deep level, we don’t mean the everyday backyard gossip that old maids engage in as they wait for their laundry to dry. It also doesn’t refer to the inane chatter that you find nowadays as men and women fumble over each other’s sentences in a bar.

Deep level means this: a conversation that can change someone’s life.

Is it really possible to alter a person’s destiny just by talking?

The answer is clearly “Yes.”

Have you ever cried after hearing a speech that cuts you right to the heart? Have you ever been convicted when your guilt is announced for everyone to hear? Have you ever given up a destructive habit and became a better person after having a “heart to heart” conversation with someone who cares about you?

Have you ever said “I do” at the altar?

Most of us have experienced these events or something similar, and we know how powerful they can be.

Now suppose you can summon this kind of emotional catharsis EVERY TIME you engage in conversation.

Imagine the possibilities that such a skill can bring to you and those around you.

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The Power Between Life and Death
Do you know what a suicide hotline is? It’s a number that people who want to kill themselves call so that they can receive some last-minute advice that will persuade them not to jump off a building or step in front of a train.

Imagine having a job where you literally have to talk someone out of death.

Now you know how powerful words can be.

There are also other men and women who use words to commit heinous crimes. The most influential despots of the last century have been some of the most skilled people to use communication. They were so charismatic that they convinced entire nations to send pregnant women and young children into the gas chambers.

Good and evil is literally one word away. Your speech can plunge the world into chaos, or it can save it from the grave.

Things don’t have to be so dramatic in your everyday life, but you’re still facing some difficult challenges that would require mastery of Sohbat.

The boss who’s always delaying your promotion and needs a little convincing.

The girl you want to approach and ask on a date.

The family member who can’t seem to get their act together and needs that pep talk.

None of these problems are on the same scale as global war or salvation, but they’re important enough so that you need to solve them in order to reach whatever goal and vision you’ve set for yourself.

For this to happen, you must express yourself, and express yourself beautifully.

The purpose of every human interaction is always to touch the person down to their core so that both the speaker and the listener know each other a lot better after the meeting, even to the point of developing an unbreakable bond.

Failure to do this will produce animosity instead of love, and boredom instead of passion.

You don’t want to be the only man in the room who can’t tell the crowd what he’s all about.

It’s Time You Learned How to Master the Most Important Part Of Your Body: The Place Where Words Are Formed.
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Learn The “Sohbat” of:
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Charismatic Conversations Aren’t Just About Attracting Women
They’re also a gateway into your inner self.

People think that negative beliefs are a product of the mind. This is true to some extent, but the root cause is even deeper:

They come from your internal self-talk.

Every time you get up in the morning and say things like “Not again!”, you’re priming yourself for a bad day. Whenever you look in the mirror and call yourself a “Loser”, you’re priming yourself for a bad life.
It’s not the thoughts that need to be fixed—it’s your internal speech patterns.

Positive self-talk is something that you’ll learn when you master Sohbat, and they have to be delivered in a specified and precise manner. Words aren’t shotguns—they’re sniper rifles.
As such, you can use them to strike hard and fast at ALL your insecurities.

There’s a divine being inside you, one that is self-assured, confident, and ready to face life without compromise.

The only way to summon this divine being is to have a conversation with it.

You can pave the way to your best life by understanding the art of self-talk.

Never again have stale dialogues, both within yourself and among other people.
It’s time to be a practitioner of SOHBAT!
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