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Students get online access to weekly coaching videos and one Saturday live lecture with Arash. Afterwards, you get the chance to ask him any questions you have and he will answer you right away.
Your Ideas Shape Your Experience!
One of the most important things in life, if not the most important thing, is ideas. Since the beginning of mankind, people have created all kinds of ideas and concepts about life and themselves and many of them have stayed, even though their creators have died centuries ago.
which ideas did you adopt in your life?
Ideas about money:
Two ideas people push a lot in today’s time are that money is the root of all evil or that money can’t buy you happiness. Are these ideas you have?
If You Were Going To Write Down Your Basic Beliefs About Relationships, What Would They Be?
For Example: Saying You Can Never Trust Someone 100% In A Relationship Or Relationships Always Hurt, Are Ideas, Some People Choose To Carry With Them.
Even when we enter the subject of self-image, you will find ideas, that you have regarding this topic. So what are your ideas about yourself?

You know you hold some ideas about yourself, right? For example that you’re attractive, that you’re not attractive, that you’re lazy, or that you’re a maker.
All of these ideas will impact how you experience life.
"Others can gain control of you only through your thoughts. Remember this and keep your mind as sharp as a sword cutting through any negativity and ignorance that tries to find its way into your reality"
- Arash Zepar Dibazar
What Will I Get After Joining The Program?
  • ​120+ Video Lessons And 40+ Live Lecture Recordings
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  • ​Diamond Mind The Revelation & The Acknowledgement Vault
Your teachings are helping me to awaken a power that has been dormant within me for far too long.
I knew without a doubt this would happen. Next up.... TEDX
Arash has already shifted through the dirt and found the gold nuggets. 
You have educated me in such a way that I see no barriers or limits to what I can do.
"You See It’s Not What You Think Of Every Now And Then, When You Get Temporarily Inspired. It’s Your Constant Attitude And Your Constant Belief System That Is Manifesting. Constancy Is A Law Of The Universe And In Order For Something To Grow It Must Have Consistency. You Must Remind Yourself Throughout Your Day Constantly And Change The Basic Core Of Your Attitude If You Want To Make A Lasting Change In Your Life."
- Arash Zepar Dibazar
 unlock the diamond mind and learn
 Proven persuasion techniques, that allowed thousands of people to influence how their environment perceives them and get the best results in business and relationships.
 The necessary steps you'll take to get more control over your life and stop being the effect of outside factors like the people and conditions, that surround you.
 ​How to get rid of any anxiety, doubts, and fears, that come up, once you are about to approach a client, a women or starting something new in your life.
 ​Arash's secret mind techniques, that he uses to stay unshakable and certain whenever he faces any kind of opposition, rejection or obstacle in life. Remember, the way you perceive yourself at that moment will determine the outcome you'll receive.
 Formulas, that will allow you to spot the pitfalls, negative habits, and ideas, that cut your power and weaken your certainty, without you even realizing it.
Learn Arash's Process On
 How to overcome nervousness
 What he does to change how other people perceive him
 How to accept who you are and find the true you
 How you can start to see yourself from the perspective of the opposite gender
 How to stop being dependant on other people's acceptance
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